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In 2015 with director Lisa Babenko we picked locations and developed by its script "to the figure of the father / Towards the Figure of Father" the visual part of the film with me as the operator.

Lisa explained to residents that we want to do with podezom

Survey conducted on the Canon 5D, managed to get a different lens and frame for flaykam on Landscape alley sex in the bushes, where I gradually enter into the bushes and approach the pair.

frame of film. Lisa is also the main character

Pushte location in Vodice
Lisa has not posted a film in public access, but went with him to the Odessa kinofest, and then at the International Cannes fest.

Documentary film

(2) The 2015 year domontiroval half-hour film №2 "Yama: wanderers" , shot in 2014 in the summer August 11. In a small house on the edge of Kiev live wanderers life. They are street musicians. speaking of the spiritual and neuhodyaschem.

Drive these street musicians, who served as the film's title ideas

During this time he studied with Katie Ermine dock GF film school and shot a lot of sketches and applications characters.

Katya with a microphone at the graduation show school

In this case, the film has turned out quite suddenly, when we were doing with Eugenia test shots and instead of the good technique with which I went about it is shot on a fairly simple mirrorless camera down and built-in microphone in it. (I had to make subtitles).

The name also double as yet has mounted saw the movie "The Pit," about the owners of these houses on Poznyaky in Kiev ( description of the place ). I filmed the musicians, who live (rent the place) in the second house in the pit.

Still from the film

For me, an interesting mix of the spiritual quest, music / sound artists, their place in society. Long could not mount because hesitated on what to emphasize - in the song or a conversation. The result left one song and conversations that are interwoven with the texts of their works still.

The film I decided to never show. It can be viewed here .

(1) In 2013 he directed and then mount / tsvetokorrektiroval feature film №1 «Vote for our theater, please" - a group of young actors fighting for the right to receive 100 thousand UAH for the creation of the theater, for this they need the support of huskies. And that just will not do for the Huskies ...

In fact it is two movies where the inside of a large movie theater where my friends are worn on all dorm with a new laptop has a mini-movie about how they try to organize themselves to shoot a mini-movie about your group to raise money.

The first scene filmed in cafes and McDonalds and assembly realized how bad it is with sound, as it filters do not overlap. With installation, I worked in a model that is going to draft and showed someone from friends. Then he listened to that is clear and what is not, and rebuild the movie again. And so many times.

frame of the movie, he's part of the titer and the film is mounted on the days before the end of the collection votes

For me it is a very important film about the riot of creative energy and movement to the goal. Learn more about creating .

studio which was the final stage

Long to decide whether to include the film the last scene from the studio, where in the end the money is not given to them, but decided to just do it a mention in the end credits of the film in order not to violate the idea of ​​desire.

Premiere show we did in the cinema GogolFest 2013 on plant on Vydubychi. Cinema room of the shop, I personally helped build in 2012 and so was very happy to show there.
The film can watch on YouTube .

Feature films to \ m

Some of my scripts online: ".root" (2014 to screenplay.com.ua ), "closed" (2013 read ), for the project " Ukraino, goodbye! »(2012, 2011, 2010 - published on screenplay.com.ua )," St. Petersburg "(2011)," The End? "(2011).

I became a director and the author of three short films.

Alice poster of the festival at the Cannes feykovye backdrop :)

An experimental short film №3 "creation", in 2013 in the framework created by Alice Shevtsevoy Dreamfest festival on the theme of dreams / dream.

At the core ideas and combine prokollebat two aesthetics - documented manual camera and posed studio picture on a large camera (I was here by the operator).

I was looking for a lot of contrasts and opportunities for their Apparate, and is based on my Antistius.

I shot in documentary aesthetics of film

I became a man, a girl plays a famous young actress Nastya Vergeles , with whom we agreed on the fact that both were eager to do something EXPERIMENTAL. Both of us all the time with his eyes closed. Detailed description .

Nastya and frame in staging the aesthetics of the film

In his second film, I wanted to work with the idea to create a narrative collage. Typically, this non-superimposable pieces and collage is postmodern reception and narrative written scenarios where there is a direct the hero's journey. I cut your script has to create dir script and in the installation of a fully that reached to avoid losing the narrative about the fate of the heroine of the film was similar to the memory collage flash and some puzzles on Shevchenko (here there is also a monument and a memorial hut of his life and the final in behind them chapels, where his funeral after death).

Filmed for the money Ukrainian state in 2012 year, my short film №2 "national idea in Ukraine," she's N.I.V.U. part of a larger project " Ukraine, Goodbye! "

The project involved almost from the beginning and scripting stage (this is about a year passed) wrote 17 pieces, two of which were selected for the next stage.

That's what I chose to shoot it was when I started writing the script desire to write without words at all (supposedly good challenge screenwriter) and so I wrote it. But then in the discussion, we all agreed that the insert is only one word in the climax is even steeper, and so that's zafinalili. That just do pomolgo then subtitles in English in minutes.

So we tested what size I need flags

I worked with Fresh production for casting, selection of locations (the hotel entrance and the hotel room, restaurant, university, the room the heroine, penetration, tram, lake), and three days of filming / crossings with directors team. With Diana, who became the operator of this and my first job, I was a long time zanaki language from the world of photography and have complete trust.

Diana. And in the green Alice - my assistant director.

To change flags in the moment to do the day we used a huge generator and flood light all the street and ate in the room crammed mini-crane.

General coordination of shooting a very cool process and production in this great help.

I'm left in a black hat. Olya and Furman - the main actors

Profiles tsvetokor we've been picking up. Sound then was diluted to 5.1 for cinemas.

frame of the movie in one embodiment of ICC-
Movie shown at the fest im.Tarkovskih in Kiev.
the actual movie itself
Just in my second scenario in the project - " Cottage at dorozі " Victor Suhobrus directed a short film for "Ukraine, Goodbye!".

My first short film -  "Sometimes", 2011-12 is based on a theatrical monologue Lena Shevchenko.

The film is above all conceived as a way to better organize joint work of our team (I, Diana, Alice), which created a parallel Niva, as well as the possibility of unlimited options that you can try to create without a budget.

The most difficult for "Sometimes" it turned out that all that we have done themselves and their own inconsistency in shooting at ekskalatore metro station Demeevskaya. Besides, as it turned station does not always include the needed two of the four escalators and it took me a week to find out in which we can all gather for shooting modes and switching them those days.

Podbronee you can read the description of creation.

Storyboard for "Sometimes" operatorki Diana Olifirovoy
Watch the short film "It happens," Dan Raven
The film was screened at the festival in Kharkov.

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