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Hybrid Art Projects

Web art and installation "Chuttya"

In this project, the summer of 2018 , I combined and expanded what they have learned by creating elektromuzyku on field recordings.

The network address http://dan.kiev.ua/soshenko33/ under the guidance of mentors "Summer school of architecture Soshenko 33" I created the media cast the "spirit" of our study-hudmasterskih home on Soshenko 33 , Kiev.

details of the project in the following note:


In 2017 he created an open platform to work together over the text Ivan Vyrypaeva "UFO" (covers topics of deep emotions and spirituality). He suggested wishing to create something more than just a modern performance. The text itself is modular and we have worked with the most catchy us fragments. Each fragment has its own atmosphere, its transformative experience was laid.

Sprinkler project done Vale il as all graphics, facebook and posters, as well as images on each piece with quotes.

Furthermore coordinator wrote elektromuzyku that performed background-amplifier during the reading of each piece of text, and in some compositions taneval insert butoh solo.

Video art projection made Anna Quiet. Team readings (actors Khomutova Maria, Anastasia Andrienko, Alexander Bykov) and directing readings engaged Dima Zahozhenko.

Fashion :

(1) Nemeshaevo, summer festival of theater in the remnants of the estate Osten Sacken. Test display without projection.

(2) Kiev, Hem , grown tobacco. The use of wood as a stage and screen.

(3) Kiev, GogolFest 2017 , Arch-squat. Stairs.

Dima before reading the letter of the author (Vyrypaeva) to the audience.
Video version of the show there. There are recorded on video, one of the pieces in the form of a monologue Mary Khomutova .

"I am glad"

Interactive Theater Project, whose goal is to find the best and most positive manifestations of life around us.

Project 2016. Offered to all comers through facebook and personally my friends playwrights send text about what pleases them, signing their names of songs that delight. On the basis of texts and reading of the play, was creation. Authors 9 stories: Oleksandr Kosmі, Svit in, Ott, Julia Gonchar, D, z-nova, Alice Cinema, Dan Raven, Julia Solar.

With the support of PostPlayTeatr, Kiev , and with the help of actors (Dzhikaeva Galina, Oleg Shurigin) and invited me (Olya Proskura Natalia Zagasheva) held three shows. In addition to texts submitted yet used excerpts from books on positive psychology.

Part of the project were positions in pablike project fb facebook.com/menya.raduet.project of speeches on the theme of positive profit position.

Video recording of the third display is available on YouTube .

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