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Experemental Music

Mantras mix

As will be written below I am interested in the sound effect on the psyche and thus long attracted the mantra and the desire to work with them.

In 2018 year to this Event, which was held in the Art Center 001 (Kiev), the assembled record mantras speakers (hard to find in good quality great variety) and made a mix in Abelton them together with the sounds of nature.

It was important for me to consider the transitions of states on the basis of the type and the mantras and of rhythm play it. And of course it will feel when we live through this group.

← As I mounted the text of mantras over space projected onto video and all this on the wall and ceiling.

The ensemble of Terror

In Ayzone Andrei Gorokhov Autumn 2017 brought us some of the participants of the Free console (regular game events where any pre-registered and proshdshy selection gets 15 minutes of time will turn into the remote / speakers and manifest your all others) to play a funny thing and not similar to modern electronics.

Here we Seva play together on the remote in December 17. I'm pure acoustics with dozhdepalki and djembe and Seva sample it and beat in real time

Full ensemble 4 + Andrew we did two of experimental concert . Dan Zlobin - bass guitar, Dan Ravens - Ableton live and acoustic guitar, Vlad Ivanov - electric, Showa Syrovatsky - drum machine.

The second - " Office of industrial horror / evil Compressor" I scratch out or wound up on the strings of an acoustic guitar signal to the microphone, which then went through a large number of filters on the column. Also was a fragment where he performed solo and with no effects.

While we were playing Andrew did in the middle of the hall wooden shelf using tools.
Promo video of the rehearsal https://www.facebook.com/izone.ua/videos/2026107897671390/

The first - " black hole of the Kiev Metro " concert I was playing with a laptop on the basis of records of metro trains and other noise, as well as used one synthesizer.

The idea is that we had four large speakers in different corners of the room, two consoles and one was zakomutirovan initially so as to have access to one / two. I could play in one or the other channel, or very rarely two. Due to the fact that each had its own direction in the Hall in its different places you could hear different ratio of all of us and it was interesting. here demonstrates this effect

Video from the rehearsal: https://www.facebook.com/izone.ua/videos/1999775726971274/

World Listening Project

https://worldlisteningday.org movement ideologically tied to the fact that to make music based on locally stored zukov. Also, each year on the day of the hearing has more narrow topic.

I participated in three group shows, the basis Olesya Onikienko ( Neither the Nor Famous Rich ) in the framework of this idea.

2017 Third concert "104 ° 27 '" on the water. Then I cheated in the first place and recorded the lapping of the waves near the cafe Birdhouse, when it passed the sound check one group and so I had and drums, but very far away. Secondly, I first picked up the laws and principles of the creation of new compositions of classical music and put that I was different from the water "tools" inside.

Сет Dan Voronov — Live set for 104°27’ @ Plivka

2016 The second concert of the "Materials". I selected material - politilen. I was given a lot of slapping of the things that turn out not to break. In addition, I found that the home experimenting 6-liter bank is a great percussion instrument.

Just with Eugene Schukom we shot a video for the background videopreoktsii me where I'm sitting with a closed polyethylene face.

frame from a video source code
Seth Materials concert, polyethylene - Daniel Ravens .
Video fragment.

2016 The first concert of "Listening to the City". I tried to record a maximum of the sounds, which can be as for me indefitsirovat Kiev including street musicians with "KieveMy". Make yourself a sound impression of the city. Then he loaded it in Abelton and divided into several atmospheric smsyslovyh parts subsong.

Seth fragment at the concert "Listening to the city" - Daniel Ravens

Solo available sets

Electronic music for me opens the opportunity to explore the impact of a combination of sounds and distortion on the state of consciousness.

In 2016 IZone, Kiev I participated in the concert without limitation (although the one mystery theme), so it was essentially a solo set in which I developed the idea of ​​completely overflowing different types of music. Just after I performed Pyusok group, so I tried to play around with this and using pieces of their music.

Listen Dan by Voronov - Live set @ 12/23/16 IZONE .

And before that, on Free Console summer 2016 Ayzon first time I tried to alternate the music created on the recorded sounds (including my body sounds) and music composed by me on the built-in Abelton banks and Sinti.

What I wanted to not climbed in 15 minutes, so I played the short version, and gathered rassshirennuyu network.

Seth (extended version) for SvobodnyyPult2 - Daniel Ravens

"The sounds of Kiev"

After a visit to the garage Dovzhenko within GogolFest 2010 , where the sound art, I really grasped the idea of listening environment, and I began to listen to the city.

I began to write down (then only mono recorder was) interesting as for me a place in Kiev and spread VKontakte, I then there appeared a project hikes in Kiev, entitled "Sounds of Kyiv (by Dan)". In pablike https://vk.com/kievpohod   - in audio https://vk.com/audios-18920085

is that published

Also in 2011, then I started to use GarageBand to learn remix tracks.

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