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Urban Performances


In 2018 the forest cemetery, I went as soon as the snow melted to look for the grave of his grandmother because he did not know where her parents are buried, but in my childhood was my grandfather's grave and theoretically had to remember the way (double tomb).

My movement via GPS in real-time to create paintings track online http://dan.kiev.ua/whereismygranny/ and anyone could come and walk with me, but only if our conversation broadcast network.

It was interesting to discuss family topics and death. Almost the entire five-hour performance recorded on the audio microphone on me and could in the future become material for some sort of you next to my work.

Project analysis and video segments in a note

"I do not like"

The 2017 performance was initiated by my condition and remark how much public space in Kiev and unfriendly people in it create a contrast with Europe, where on the contrary. Includes:

  • Facebook voting for the most unloved you place in Kiev (I threw Station)
  • Telegram chat (link https://t.me/joinchat/DHzlu1DxHa5ilh3au6phDQ ) in which I described how I feel
  • traveled to garner more votes locations (from the Bessarabian Market to Independence) I made tunneling, holding
  • bugalterskuyu notebook in which I stopped moments made the recording of the text drawing oozes pattern phrase "(the date of one year in advance) do not like me," and then the text color of their feelings on the environment.
  • In addition to chat, I wrote a voice memo about their feelings and observations.
full analysis in the following note:

"Who will come"

Autumn 2017 my first urban performance was based on the question that my friend would be if you sit down in a cafe and write in facebook "I'm in a cafe, come." Instead, I made a fb event.

From 16:00 to 18:00 I was sitting in a cafe (Podil) and drew attention to the people around them who do not sit and do something speak. Scraps of phrases that catch, I wrote pen in his notebook. Their feelings / impressions / comments - color.

One turns the notebook

People were asked to fb three scenarios:

  • come and interrupt the eavesdropping began to talk to me (having treated tea =)
  • come and sit silently watching the people with me
  • come, sit down at the next table and become those who overheard saying specifically is something that I hear and record.
But none to me did not come, it is also an occasion for the next job, "I do not like."

Good New Year 2017

At the end of December 2016 in the framework of the meeting of the new year, I decided to make a solo samoporku, to go to a random place in Kiev. The fb comments I ran a post-proposal numbers for GPS coordinates. I fixed axis 50.413948, running through the city, and fractional numbers of the second coordinate 30.shoto collected in order:

Since the point was known publicly could join me (and nobody has come). As a result, there was a point at the bridge Darnytsa:

Suddenly. I suspected that the point on the w / e ways it is not very good. Arriving in advance turned out there still and fence mesh buffer zone of the bridge. Zaza pootdal having carried into the zone, I realized that to a point can be reached either along the tracks (very bad idea) or almost along the fence at the bottom of the mound. But going along and get to the point it turned out that way on the mound has risen even higher and the slope was very slippery.

While I climbed up and rolled down (1) came in 2017 according to the salutes and (2) security came from the other side of the fence with the words "where you climb" and not becoming happy by "and you, too, with the New Year." Over the net to get a man I could not, but he waited until I went back to the place to climb.

frames from video

Climbs, and after going away from him and become Skra ways I adjusted the camera in your phone (which came mainly as a result of the darkness, the sound of passing pozedov and strokes). He took out a prepared belt prirazdelsya and carried though with some delay samoporku excellent.

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