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documentary theater

Theater of displaced people

Julia and I'm on the ground the brief

We Julia Gonchar as a playwright, and me as the director made in 2016 , with the zero one of 4 stories in a modular play "Kiev mine?" Theater of displaced people.

I wanted to find it in the history of the musician and began searching through the fb. So I suggested to Andrew - very light positive person.

Dealing, we have identified three key themes and became clear to me (there was a train station, travel) that I want to convey a sense of the atmosphere trains during the story and songs. I began to experiment with the projection and sound zpisi camera in directions around the ring box Kiev UrbanReyl. In the end everything turned out.

Facilities at the studio Dovzhenko, while there have not closed MAN - put the chairs "eliktrichkoy"
Posmotre video in play .

In the world of the homeless

Autumn 2015 , we started with Julia Potter project, which was a matter of "what they think of the success unsuccessful people." We have compiled a number of issues and decided to ask them to homeless people.

On Lukyanovke in Kiev, we have to walk between two points for recycling to tracked down someone to talk to. So we found a man with wallets in the coolest sunglasses.

He asked us to find his house on the satellite map (not arrived from Kiev), as well as feed and then it responded to our questionnaire, which are more about ideology and human relations. He was a very interesting person, the most important thing in life which have glasses as he likes to read ( "I like to sleep and too"). I learned a lot about the unexpected stray from this conversation.

After Julia went to a residence in Germany, so the second person we decided to take it. Questions our Julia translated into the language of it. Technically, a woman with whom she spoke not live on the street, and although she was not at home. The government gives a homeless hostel there and each has its own bathroom. I wonder how she responds differently to the same questions.

And to finish, we have translated the questionnaire on English and our friend gave bomzhepoiski in London, where in the end we sent audio, we deciphered and translated.

Then I collected in 2016 the final version of the play not as a form situtsiyu, where the three men met at the fire and love to confess each of its features without a home life.

The festival "Week of actual drama" twice (in Ukrainian and international versions) rejected our text, so that he was nowhere to be presented and published. If you are interested to work with the text, email me personally.

Blogs Maidan

Also during Maidan events in December 2013 , I helped and interviewed for the documentary theater project, which eventually became "The Diary of Independence" and has been featured in many theater venues.

Andrey May, one of the creators of "The Diary of Independence", December 2013

Also I got partially used material for his play "Porridge Yanukovych" (2014).

Participation in the readings

In 2016 I was able to lie down naked on the small stage of the Theater im.Franka (Kyiv) in the read-through dir. Dima Zahozhenko and utter a few remarks in the final.

Theater Drama

While in 2011, among the developing movements "New Drama" I read a lot, I went to the readings of plays by contemporary authors.

At the same time he wrote his works, the most successful of which is: "On Dikіy Skhid" (2016), "ZHER7VA" (2015), "fifth taste" (2015), "FOR-WHAT" (2014, facebook ) "Washout" ( 2014 VOSHAUT, read ), "Porridge Yanukovych" (2014 read ), "Marriage / Life failed" (2013 read ), "Fragments" (2013, read , download ), "Dream" (2011 read ) .

The project "FOR-WHAT" in 2014, originally was conceived and created as a Facebook Public, in which I gradually publish all the new parts of the work (written at the intersection of form and the play of the story).

Festival 2014 poster

Three of my pieces have been on the short list of the festival "Week of actual play" ( fb ) and were presented in the form of readings in theaters and at the Goethe Institute.

I painted the poster for readings in PostPlayTeatr
  • In 2016 a third piece ( "On Dikіy Skhid"), my first in the Ukrainian language, in addition to the festival as well was read in PostPlayTeatr, Kiev (dir. Dima Zahozhenko) and Lviv.
2014 discussion with the audience after the read-through "VOSHAUT" at the Goethe Institute
  • In 2014 a second ( "VOSHAUT") in addition to the festival was also read at the studio Dovzhenko - director Andrei Litvinenko.
poster 2013
  • In 2013 we read "Fragments" at the festival.
A video reading of 1 "Fragments" at the Young Theater,
Videos reciting 2 "VOSHAUT" on kynostudyy Dovzhenko.

Also in Kiev in 2014 , I organized a drama lab "Dialogues about Drama" , where anyone can learn how to write and start a mini-play(my idea as a short film relating to the great movie). I also then wrote a series of mini-plays and we had a final read-through-graduation in the cafe "Vagabond".

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